June 18, 2014

More Beach Please!

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This is your second ever beach trip and the first time to the gulf. You’re definitely enjoying it more than Ft. Lauderdale last year.

These pics are actually the second half of yesterday’s set. I’m trying not to bombard you with picture taking so I’ve limited it to one day. Hopefully you’ll be up for another round before we leave. You love seeing your pictures on the back of the camera, but waiting for me to take them…not so much.

Every day we wake up and you’ve put together new phrases. The three word assemblies are turning into four and five words. But by far my favorite lately is you saying “Thank you, daddy” or “Thank you, mommy” completely in context after we’ve given you something. We’ve never taught you to say that — you just picked it up.

You spilled some almond milk the other day and I went to clean it up and out popped, “Sorry daddy.” Now, if mom or I am upset or bump into something, you say, “Sorry daddy!” or “Sorry mommy!” Totally in context.

I’ll update more on the things you’re doing and saying on your two year old update.

Love ya.

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