June 17, 2014

The Cottage Yard

By In 35mm, 50mm, Candid, Natural Light, Summer, Travel

Cottage1IMG_7448Cottage2IMG_7435IMG_7483 IMG_7493

Hey Noelle,

Well, this is really getting fun. The difference between last year when we took you to Ft. Lauderdale and this year is massive.

For starters, your language is exploding. We drove to the store to get some groceries to make breakfast and we passed the ocean on the way. You pointed and said, “Beach!…Right now.”

It’s just nonstop conversations.

And as you’ll see from the beach pics, you can’t get enough of the sand and water. You love it.

Mom has a list of updates but I’ll save them for the next post (probably tomorrow). I wanted to get this first set of pictures uploaded to make way for the next set of you playing at the beach.

Love ya.

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