August 3, 2013

Mid Summer Update

By In 35mm, Candid, Natural Light, Summer

You’re doing so many new and fun things that I decided to post an update even though we haven’t taken any pictures specifically for the blog. I got a new travel camera and I’ve been shooting exclusively with it so I have a bunch of photos but just snapshots mostly. I liked this one I took of you at the park the other day and since I really need to write about all the stuff you’re doing, I guess it’ll have to do 🙂

Here’s a nice random list of all the cool new stuff you’re doing:

We always ask you, “do you want your hair brushed?” We were doing that even before you were able to really reply back. Well, now when we ask you, you dip your head forward toward the brush as if to say, “yes, please.” You love having your hair brushed.

You climb into the car and get yourself into the car seat. We unbuckle you when we’re done driving and you get yourself out of the car too.

Recently, you’ve been shaking your head yes and no to answer questions. Sometimes we think you shake your head no even though you really mean yes, but you’re learning.

When you get tired you go in and climb into our bed. It’s a pretty high climb and it took you a while to be able to do it but now you’re a pro and you’re getting up and over the bed railing with ease.

You have a frog pull toy. You love dragging him around. You also were dragging a frying pan all around the house by the handle the other day.

Two things with dogs: whenever you see a dog in a book or out and about you pant like a dog because that’s the sound you hear NayNay make. It’s so cute — we haven’t been able to get it on video though. The other thing is that you follow NayNay around and try to get in front of her and you lean toward her and point at your face trying to instruct her to give you kisses. You love dogs — everywhere we go it’s all about pointing out the dogs.

You wave at everyone.

When you see something hot you say, “hhhhh” and wave your hand as if to say, “don’t touch.”

You’re starting to experiment with running. You’re not quite there yet but you’re definitely picking up the pace.

That’s all I can remember for now. More updates to come 😉

*Photo taken with Fuji X100s

  1. Andrea Paige Jackson August 4, 2013

    I love that pensive look she has in the photo.

    • Kevin August 4, 2013

      Makes you wonder what’s going through her head, right?

  2. Andrea Paige Jackson August 4, 2013

    Definitely. I always wished I could read Joe’s and Sam’s minds when they were toddlers. Would have been fascinating.


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