September 1, 2015

New House – New Swingset

A move to a new house culminates in play on a new swing set.

By In 35mm, Black and White, Candid, Natural Light, Summer


We’re finally in the new house! Two months of stress has finally come to an end. Thank you so much for your patience through all of this.

We had 15 minutes before leaving for dinner to get some pictures of you on your new swing set in the new backyard. Much thanks to Beau for slaving over the assembly for 12 hours!


The lighting was gorgeous as it was about an hour from sunset. We lucked out—the sun sets directly behind our house every night…


You’re LOVING the new house, by the way, with your brand new playroom, your own bedroom upstairs, the basement play area for your play group, the huge backyard, new the trampoline, and the neighborhood pool. There’s a ton of parks nearby and we’re right around the corner from some of your best friends. We all couldn’t be happier with this move.


Over the next couple weeks I hope to catch up on some of the posts I have pictures for but haven’t had time to publish here. For everyone following along, we’ll add them in the correct order into the archives.


I swear you look three in real life, but sometimes when I take pictures of you, you look much older. The photo below is a perfect example of that…

IMG_1576 IMG_1607

…and your laugh is infectious…



Love ya,

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