August 14, 2016

Sitting in the Kitchen

By In 35mm, Flash, Milestones, Summer, Wide Angle

We’ve been light on taking pictures lately. Noelle hasn’t wanted her picture taken much lately and we’ve been totally exhausted as Shiloh has had months of sleeping challenges. Teething, sleep regressions, and so on. It’s been almost 5 straight months of sleep deprivation.

We finally made some time to do some pics of Shiloh because she’s sitting up now, crawling around (army crawling), and pulling up. I didn’t want to wait too much longer before doing some pictures.

Noelle also cooperated with me while I tested out a new light and I got a great “just woke up” portrait of her that I’m really digging.

More to come soon, hopefully!

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  1. PJ August 15, 2016

    Great job Kev!!


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